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Simple Rx Prescribing by Online Form

Our prescribing process is easy.  Simply prescribe online by using the "Prescribe Now" button and a representative from our office will reach out to your patient to get them started. All new patients will be offered their first 60 days for $60 while our reimbursement department assists in helping the patient figure out if future bottles will be covered by their insurance or if they will remain with the discounted cash pay program.

Let our reimbursement department do the work!

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Prescribe Online

Click “Prescribe Now” and fill in prescriber and patient information and click “submit”.  A representative will reach out to your patient to get them started right away.

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60 Days for $60

We will offer your patient their first 60 days for $60

and provide them with the insurance steps to help determine the most cost-effective option moving forward.

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Insurance & Cash Pay Option

If it's covered by insurance, we will contact your office with prescribing info. If your patient does not have coverage or has a high co-pay, we will offer our discounted cash-pay option for EnBrace HR. No further action is needed by your office.

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